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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 25, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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day two in the dark thousands of people are still without power across our area but there is new help on the way today for storm victims. we are off to a dry start, but more wet weather is just ahead and it could impact your weekend plans. good morning. this is nbc10 "today." i'm rosemary conners. bill henley is tracking the changes in the weather. >> there are changes ahead. this afternoon you'll see the clouds and, this evening, we could be in for shower and possibly thunderstorms in the area. 71 degrees right now.
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look at that nice clear view from center city from the comcast center. 60s and low 70s. cape may and philadelphia in the 70s but the rest of the saer a good deal cooler. trenton,;x 63 and so really pleasant start. the humidity is low and sunshine will be bright this morning at 9:00. 75 degrees. by noon time a few more clouds around. that is the beginning of the change. 83 degrees and climbing. your neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast to show you what you can expect when i'm back in ten minutes. now let's see how the thursday morning is shaping up with jessica boyington in the traffic center. >> vine street is closed until 5:00 a.m. this morning. you can see on the invite around broad street here all cars being diverted off but no cars are entering at this moment but all cars with diverted between the schuylkill expressway and broad street. you can follow the local detour
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throughout the area and you'll do just fine. still dealing with residualeualeual effects of the storm a few days ago. here is a look at the mass transit. rosemary? >> thank you, jessica. today is day two of cleaning up across our region following tuesday night's storm. while many people are still without power, crews are making some progress. peco reports 59 outages down right now and down over 20,000 overnight. ac electric is working on 128,000 and pse&g down to 14,000. peco tells us it could take until tomorrow to get many customers back on line. peco is bringing in about 500 extra workers from kentucky new york and ohio.
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those crews will be working around the clock to restore the power. delaware county suffered some of the most severe storm damage. this is new video from overnight. you can see a tree fell on a house at main and 11th street in upland. the tree also took down power lines that ended up on the roof and the laugh. m.d. -- lawn. matt delucia is with us in another hard-hit neighborhood. the cleanup will continue there today? >> reporter: we are at windsor way here in mantua up to. stop signs still laying on the ground. you have another one across the street here that is still bent. you also have a lot of trees that are still down in this area. so a lot more cleanup left to go out here. sky 410 was over some of the more hard-hit areas yesterday. a lot of roof damage as well and
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plenty of people picking up tree branches from their lawns and spending the rest of the day boarding up windows and fixing whatever they could. pse&g workers were fanned out to restore power to the area. more than two dozen generators and extra workers helped get the traffic lights up and running at the intersections. still a lot of damage out here and a lot of debris out on the ground for those who don't have power in this part of new jersey. pse&g will set up a center that will have ice and water and charging stations at cherry hill west high school today from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. out here we are seeing a similar situation throughout the area. we will give you more look at the damage as we get through the morning here. these folks out here waking up to another day of cleaning up. live in gloster county matt
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delucia, nbc10. in deptford winds flipped over a car at the deptford mall. the storm ripped apart the roof of a nearby friendly's restaurant and this is a motel roof that is lying in the parking lot. on long beach island, flying debris. this new video shows what many insists was a tornado tuesday night. the storm ripped the boats out of the water and tossed them at nearby homes. national weather service does not plan to send a survey crew to the area to determine if a tornado may have touched down there. what we have shown you so far is really just a fraction of the images captured across our region. to see viewer videos and photos from the storm, just tap on the nbc10 news app on your smartphone or your tablet. breaking news into nbc10. officials confirm a military plane crashed in arizona early this morning. the f-16 fighting falcon
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aircraft went down five miles east of douglas municipal airport, about 120 miles southeast of tucson. the pilot only one on board and no word of that person's condition. when the plane crashed, a gas line rurpted and caused a gas fire. once they diffused the fire investigators will be able to assess the wreckage. crews put out a fire at an apartment complex in bucks county. nbc10 was on the scene at the apartments where the firefighters responded around 2:00 this morning. residents inside this apartment building evacuated. there are no reports of anybody hurt. investigators will now be looking for the cause of this fire. the damage several units and some office space. preparing for the pope. right now, a delegation from philadelphia is sitting down with the mayor of rome and his team to talk about security for
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pope francis' visit here in september. we are going to check in with chris in a moment. >> we are here. we can hear you. >> reporter: you're looking at a live picture of -- right, you're looking at a live picture of mayor michael nutter there walking down these steps with archbishop and to the right is the mayor of rome wearing the italian sash there. he has been behind closed doors in a meeting with mayor nutter and his security team going over security plans for pope francis' visit in september. there was an exchange of gifts. archbishop is joining the conversation as well. they may step over here and have a word with the media that has gathered. but there is a large delegation as you know of philadelphia leaders who are in rome now planning for the pope's visit and they are going to show us
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some of their guests here. let's listen in. being we are going to get a chance to hear from the mayor and both mayors. the mayor and the mayor about what just happened inside here. >> hello, everyone. >> hi! good morning! >> how are you this morning? good. good. good morning. >> what were some of your tips to mayor nutter? >> we discussed many things. you know we offer the mayor the support of the city of rome. obviously, we had, you know, very important discussion with the sign of two py when millions
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of people came to rome. we discussed about transportation security issue, management. all of the things that appears to be silly, but very important in such a large event. i'm pretty sure that we work the archbishop and mayor nutter everything will be wonderfully organized and we, you know, we exchange information and provide them with a bulk of things we prefer and we are entirely disposal of philadelphia, you know the archbishop and in the way that we can to help. i've seen done already everything. >> one thing, mayor, someone like the pope is moving around very freely, in terms of the low gistics and traffic, what does
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it do to your city? >> it's pretty tough because the pope is a terrific person. he attracts millions of people you know? so security is a huge huge security, particularly in these days and time with the possibility of a terrorist attack. we are always, you know, concerned, but, you know, i'm pretty sure we have the means and philadelphia the means to protect the pope and the pilgrims. >> mayor nutter we are live in philadelphia now. how critical was this meeting with mayor merino in determining what you're going to do in september? >> it's critically important. we will benefit tremendously. one, rome and philadelphia all things being considered, relatively close in size. certainly rome of course much older than philadelphia but having someone like mayor merino, a friend to
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philadelphia, someone who has lived in philadelphia when we talk with him about different areas, he knows the streets, he lived in our city for a number of years. so the materials that he and his chief of staff and deputy mayor for public works, the experience that they have and literally just a year ago, hosting a huge event in rome we will have the most up-to-date information about security logistics, protocol and the like that will enhance the plans that we have already put in place. and mayor merino is just a great friend. he's a good guy. it makes it very very easy for to us communicate and get things done. he only wants the best for us. he is coming to the event as well. and we are just thrilled. >> reporter: as you eluded to he was a former resident of philadelphia. he was a transplant surgeon at jefferson university hospital. mayor merino how is it to help the people of the city where you
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once helped in a capacity? >> i'm honored to be working with michael. michael is a great friend. and, you know, they have been doing a lot of work already. we exchanged information. i think we are on the same page and, you know, myself my deputy mayor, would be happy, my chief of staff to help. i will travel to philadelphia, will be there and we will exchange information in the meantime. but i think you know, to a town like philadelphia and rome with an event like that have the same issue, but these are issues, not problems and that these will be a terrific event for philadelphia and i really love that i have the opportunity to be there back home for this. >> reporter: we are going to step away over here guys. i know you have other news to get to. so we are going to pull away from this. but we will continue monitoring this news conference and let you know what else they share with us. check back in with us in about
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half an hour and we will let you know about their exchange of ideas and also what is ahead on the agenda today for the delegation from philadelphia. reporting live from rome chris cato, nbc10 news. chris cato is live for us in rome this morning. we will take a quick break and be right back.
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to do a new york prison guard charged with smuggling tools to two inmates before their escape is set for a court appearance. the manhunt for those fugitives is now in its 20th day. denise, there were new developments overnight? >> that's right. that corrections officer, gene palmer posted bail just hours after his arrest.
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the judge arraigned him on charges connected to sneaking tools to the two convicted killers. now you're looking at police taking palmer to jail following his court appearance in plattsburg, new york last night. he is expected back in court today. palmer's lawyer will decide if he'll waive a preliminary hearing in the case. the charges include contraband misconduct, and tampering with physical evidence. investigators believe he delivered tools inside frozen hamburger meat. the inmates david sweat and richard matt. his lawyer said palmer did not know what was inside that meat. >> admitted to passing the hamburger meat he had no knowledge that there were any contraband other than the meat itself. >> reporter: palmer is a second prison employee facing charges in the prisoners' escape. the manhunt, new york state police say they will not quit until the escaped convicts are captured. david sweat and richard matt authorities say cut through
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steel pipes and broke through a brick wall during their prison break almost three weeks ago. investigators say someone saw the escaped convicts at a remote hunting cabin, an area that is full of thick woods and marshes. live in the digital operations center denise nakano. on the affordable care act the supreme court will decide if federal subsidies that support health care exchanges in 34 states are constitutional. the justices are also deciding the constitutionality of same-sex marriage. we spoke to malcolm laysen an advocate who tells us the ruling on same-sex marriage would help shape the country's future. >> i mean, this is a hugely important civil rights issue to the entire country and speaks to what our american values are, that all americans are treated equally treated with respect and
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dignity. >> right now same-sex marriage is legal in pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware. during an lgbt reception at the white house president obama found himself battling with the audience. take a look what happened when the president encountered a heckler. >> no, no, no, no. hey. listen. you're in my house. no, no. >> the crowd drowned out the heckler with chants of obama, obama. the person was eventually es escorted out of the building. we can now put a price tag on what the city of philadelphia is paying to manage water main breaks. breaks lining this one in east falls last week. as of monday the city paid out nearly 300,000 in claims.
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since 2010 philadelphia has paid more than $2 million in settlements. the water department replaces 1% of its underground water pipes each year. at that rate it would take a hundred years to replace all of those, many that are a hundred years old right now. 19 minutes after 4:00. we have got clear skies right now. 71 degrees in philadelphia. but clouds will return during the day and we are looking at some showers for this evening. possibly some thunderstorms for parts of the area. and this weekend will include rain with cooler temperatures. right now though, it's buzzing outside. a really great start. 51 in mt. pocono. you can see clear, dry conditions over citizens bank park. no game for the phillies today but they are back in town tomorrow. clear skies. lots of sunshine. like yesterday, it's going to be
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a warm day. there are some clouds that are moving through right now. no showers with these clouds but this to our west is what is on the way. it's moving through the midwest right now. chicago, into central illinois and iowa. those are the storms that will be arriving here this evening. but during the day, sunshine for the bulk amount. 77 degrees and 80s for allentown, reading and quaker town. humidity stays low. 85 in trenton and mt. holly. 82 for doylestown. 80s at the shore. atlantic city 84 and middle 80s for vineland and dover. philadelphia up to 86 degrees. just a little bit cooler for westchester and wilmington. dry during the day today but i am tracking some showers and weekend rain. we got the seven-day forecast in the next half hour. >> thanks bill. 4:20 on this thursday a check of the traffic with jessica boyington. what are you seeing out on the cameras? >> we are seeing residual
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effects from the storm. on mass transit media/el wyn line is suspended this morning. patco wood crest service is suspended as well. all other service has resumed normally. middle town township between stoney bank road fallen power lines in the area. route 70 and main street in west deptford and 44 and grove avenue. washington township on the 42 freeway around green tree. winslow on 73 and fleming pipe. as for the majors throughout the area the schuylkill expressway so far for the this morning around girard avenue okay. 13 minutes or under east or westbound from the vine to the blue route. americans are expected to travel in big numbers for independence day weekend. that is just one week from this weekend. can't believe it. according to aaa, nearly 42
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million people will travel 50 miles or more during the holiday weekend. that is the most since 2007. here is why -- a stronger economy and consumer confidence and, most importantly, cheap gas. on average, gas is $291 a gallon in philadelphia and $254 in south jersey and $2.73 in west. today, reading terminal market will thanks the people who helped in the deadly train derail mted. they will enforce a deadline for installing safety equipment that could have prevented the crash but the railroads say they are not likely to meet that end of the year deadline to install positive train control. that technology can slow or stop a train to avoid an accident like the one that killed eight people in port richmond. get ready to do some shopping. next, the newest retail destination opening its doors
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this weekend at the jersey shore. plus help for atlantic city. the bill that could become law today to give the casinos and schools a boost.
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today, we will get a sneak preview of atlantic city's newest retail venue. you are looking at construction of the new facility. the former pier shops a caesars will offer upscale shopping and dining and entertainment. the playground opens to the public tomorrow. casinos crisis now. a package of bill could be on the governor chris christie's desk at the end of the day. . the most important let the eight casinos make payments in light
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of taxes for 15 years. allowing gambling halls to know how much they owe instead of facing potential yearly increases. new state education aid and mandating employee benefits for casino workers also on the table. a new packaging plant is coming to delaware and brings 87 jobs that are available at the ab group packaging which is scheduled to open next month in newark. the company makes products for commercial retailers like tj maxx maxx. free money to be given away to local nonprofit organizations and it's called 21st century slugs. solutions. the application is on our website at you'll find the eligibility requirements and the deadline is
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july 3rd. a pleasant start this morning. skies overcenter city center city. 71 degrees at nbc10. 4:27. it's thursday morning. you might be preparing to leave the house. jessica boyington is already watching the roads. what is happening out there? >> we are quiet on the majors. looking live right now at the blue route around ridge pike. northbound, southbound having no real problems. but we will check in with some of those residual effects from the storm coming up.
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new help for storm victims. it's day two in the dark for the tens of thousands of people in our area who still do not have power. but nbc10 is live with the assistance that will be available starting today. we are waking up to a beautiful morning and it will stay that way part of the day but wet changes are ahead. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm denise nakano. >> i'm rosemary connors. >> bill henley has a look at our forecast. >> a pleasant start this morning. today we will see changes. right now, the skies are starting to lighten up a little bit. we are in twilight right now and that is a live view from the comcast center. 71 degrees. skies are clear. the temperatures are pleasantly comfortable as the humidity is low. and, today, well, the few


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